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Stuart Tinney Gold Medal 2000 OlympicsGold medal event rider, Stuart Tinney, is the consummate equestrian professional. In a tough and difficult sport, Stuart continues to produce incredible results, beautifully schooled horses and well trained pupils.

In the competition arena, Stuart has had more success than any other Australian rider based in this country. An Olympic gold medal from Sydney 2000, representative honors at the 2004 Athens Olympics and since 1988 at consecutive World Equestrian Games.

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April 2015

April and the start of May saw RAIN and more RAIN ! With flash flooding here at TE plus trees down- The yard was a mess! With Sydney 3DE looming for Stuart as Course Designer, the stress levels were slightly raised! We had 2 lovely students from WA staying and training here, Makayla Wood and Kate Ingham. What a welcome, Floods and the most awful weather.

Even though Stuart and Gemma did not ride at Sydney 3DE due to Stuart being Course Designer, Stuart took War Hawk out to do the 3 star test ride, with Karen doing the 1 & 2 star on Q and Anna. Kathy Ward and Pete O'Connell owners of Q. War Hawk is owned by Corinna and Darren Huskinson.
Sydney 3DE also offered WC Showjumping. Gemma taking 3 horses to compete. Carlchen placing 4th and 6th in the 1.25m open classes. But the highlight would have to have been Saturday night where she took on the showjumpers riding Tim Games 'Panamera' in the 'Bareback' competition. Bringing entertainment to the rain sodden spectators! (and riders!!) The pictures speak for themselves! Some call it madness!

Panamera was Stuarts 4 * horse, winning Adelaide 2011
Winter is almost here, sadly. Winter worming. Take time to look at your worming program, making the right choice for this time of year. We recommend AMMO all wormer, available from Horseland.

Recently we purchased a horse from Queensland for Gemma to event. With a string of horses for her to show jump, she still needed an eventer. A lovely T/B came up that we felt would suit her in her HSC year. 'Prado' will hopefully move up the grades this year to be a solid 1/2 star horse later in the season.
Oxley College Interschools gets CopRice as sponsor.


CopRice sponsors Interschools
CopRice continues to sponsor the Interschools events in NSW. With over 200 schools having 'Equestrian' in their curriculum. CopRice supporting the Youth along with other disciplines.

Stuart rescues horses
Just a recap on the latter month of April. Most of you would have seen our face book page, we were faced with flash flooding. Stuart bravely rescues 3 of our stranded horses. We felt blessed that they did not swim down river. The only damage to them is now on going foot abscess! Lucky that this is not long term. Thank you to Amy who acted quickly to help get them to safety in the early hours.

Stuart swims Panamera out of flood Later in the day, no horse would have survived

May 16/17th: QUIRINDI- War Hawk, Q and Carlchen 2*
Gemma: Prado EV105 & My Thai 1*

May 29- 2 June COONA Expo Gemma

June 6/7th: MELBOURNE 3DE
War Hawk 3*, Q and Carlchen 2*